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YASim Importer for Blender 2.80 quick & dirty port

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YASim Importer for Blender 2.80 quick & dirty port

Postby enrogue » Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:15 pm

I have done a quick & dirty port to Blender 2.80 & its here: ...

It's built on top of the cosmetic changes I added a while ago - the slats are on the leading edge, the spoilers are in the middle of the wing & the moving surfaces are tapered and scaled with the surface size

It loads, reloads, clears, mirrors, changes co-ordinate systems as it's supposed to & I've tried it with a fairly large cross section of aircraft types & it seems to be ok

This is a *basic* conversion from 2.73+ to 2.80 with minimal changes. I basically ran blender --debug-python from a terminal & fixed any errors that came up by using google + a bit of trial & error

But if course it's not perfect - Blender 2.80 removes 'layers' & adds 'collections' - like groups in AC3D but ...more I guess

At the moment some of the objects are put into a collection & some aren't - no idea why at this point. I'd just appreciate it if people could give it a drive (requires Blender 2.80 of course) & send me feedback

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