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Adding bits...

Postby unrealaviation » Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:58 pm

Tecnam P2010
I have added the missing under fin (skeg?). This was not a part of the prototype and this is probably what Barenger originally modelled.
I was hoping to do this as a separate part but couldn't get it to display so new model it is.
I have also removed all animation and reference to the fourth door as the 2010 doesn't have four doors!
These modifications are to the Mr Zak version as the aircraft is rubbish without his contributions, not least the opaque rear 'window' and the lovely skin and rain effects.

The fin is just 'eyeballed' as I don't have any drawings or measurements etc. A test flight seems to suggest it is a teeny bit too long. If so, I will edit it now that I can confirm that my second attempt at using Blender hasn't messed up the model!

I am a happy bunny.


The fin is sorted now. Looks great.

Er, dunno how to show you pictures. :-/

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