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UFOv2 for FlightGear - GPL v.2

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Re: UFOv2 for FlightGear - GPL v.2

Postby www2 » Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:27 pm

I think that V12 mean that the current UFO replace with UFOv2 but UFOv2 as a separate project with in his own directory.
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Re: UFOv2 for FlightGear - GPL v.2

Postby cobe571 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:02 am

wkitty42 wrote in Sun Sep 01, 2019 5:47 pm:FWIW: i'd love to see a UFO craft without the existing UFO's object placement capabilities... just hover, and fly in all directions and even removal of the auto-coordination that makes the craft roll while turning which would allow the craft to barrel roll which is not possible right now...

In the past days I made a new experiment about the UFO FDM...

i started some time back to try to pull the UFO FDM out and make it a separate FDM like the others but quickly got lost... even trying to make a copy of the UFO into another directory and strip out that object placement code was very trying... after a week or three, i gave up until a later time when i've learned more... sadly, that time has not arrived...

I made a little project to show how simple is to make your own UFO. First, all you need is a 3D model. You can use everything. Even a simple sphere can be used to make the job, but the number of objects inside the 3D model doesn't really matter. What really matters is that your model need to be fully UVmapped and fully Textured or something can will go wrong.

For this project that I called FG-BIRD-01 I used one of my 3D models. Thats a really low poly I started many years ago for a Space Shootin Game that at the end never happened.


You've to create a root directory with the name of the project/craft. Mine is FG-BIRD-01; inside that root directory I create two sub-directories. One called Models and the other called Sounds. Create a simple xml set file on it. A splash will be needed and a thumbnail will complete.


Take a look at my set file called fg-bird-01-set.xml. Is a pretty easy file.

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!-- License:  GNU GPLv2                   -->
<!-- Author:   Patrizio Melis              -->
<!-- Email:           -->



  <description>FG BIRD 01</description>
  <author>Patrizio Melis (3D, FDM)</author>



   <path type="string">Aircraft/FG-BIRD-01/Sounds/sound.xml</path>

<!--  -->

  <virtual-cockpit archive="y">true</virtual-cockpit>

  <view n="0">
      <internal archive="y">true</internal>
        <x-offset-m archive="y">  0.00 </x-offset-m>   <!-- Right -->
        <y-offset-m archive="y">  1.05 </y-offset-m>   <!-- Up    -->
        <z-offset-m archive="y"> -1.18 </z-offset-m>   <!-- Back  -->
        <default-field-of-view-deg> 85 </default-field-of-view-deg>
        <pitch-offset-deg> -6.3 </pitch-offset-deg>


       <float n="0"> 1.0 </float>
       <float n="1"> 1.0 </float>




The directory Models. The 3D model can use more than a single texture. There are two.


The file fg-bird-01.xml is even simple than the set file

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0"?>


FG-BIRD-01 LINK TO GitHub ->

Hope that helps

Kind regards,

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Re: UFOv2 for FlightGear - GPL v.2

Postby wkitty42 » Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:51 pm

interesting... i was under the impression that code in the UFO was part of the UFO FDM... no wonder i got lost trying to use it for other craft and then removing the unwanted fluff'n'stuff like object placement... maybe i'll go back and play with the x-wing and a few others i was toying with back then ;)
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Re: UFOv2 for FlightGear - GPL v.2

Postby eatdirt » Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:20 pm

It is beautiful!

May I suggest to add an option to speed it up? In UFO, these are the keys "[" and "]" and they allow to reach 100000 m/s, which is quite useful to go to space :)
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Re: UFOv2 for FlightGear - GPL v.2

Postby Alant » Thu Jul 02, 2020 10:46 pm

I find the current UFO to be uncontrollable from the keyboard or mouse. It is better with a joystick. Perhaps it was designed by the madman who invented the Blender gui ;)
Has any progress been made on a simpler version?
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