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Postby Octal450 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:12 am

Hi guys,
I just pushed a major overwrite for the IT-AUTOFLIGHT Logic Controller. If you have any bugs, please let me know instantly! :)

The following aircraft have been updated via my auto-ITAF update script:
* B787-9 (EOL by developer)
* C-32J
* KC-137R
* MD-88 (EOL by developer)
* MD-90 (EOL by developer)
* QSeries

The following aircraft with custom ITAF installs are now updated:
* IDG-A32X
* IDG-A33X
* IDG-MD-11

The changelog (as always) can be viewed here: ... NGELOG.txt

Kind Regards,

FGFS Aircraft Developer
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