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DC-10: Attn 3D Modelers!

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DC-10: Attn 3D Modelers!

Postby Octal450 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 3:02 am

Hi 3D Modelers,
I found my DC-10 systems that I made ages ago on a backup harddrive again, and spent the last 2 days updating everything and compiling it back into a working package.

I have the following working:
Imported my DC-10 JSBsim initially made for an MD-10.
Electrical System
Hydraulic System
Partial Fuel System
CF6-50C2 simulation

However, the cockpit is very lacking, despite my best efforts at improving it. There is no Overhead Panel, no Engineer Panel, and more things are still missing. Sadly this means these systems pretty much can't be used, except for the basic PUI dialogs I made to test them. This is the state of the panel so far:

I did customize the instruments a bit, and added the Yokes, Pedals, Seats, and Tillers from the IDG MD-11X. But realism is still far lacking.

If anyone is interested in improving the cockpit of this beautiful old bird (Or at least modelling an Engineer Panel and/or Overhead Panel), I've love to see it come to life! :mrgreen:

Any contributions to the 3D would be useful, regardless of how much.

If anyone is interested, please write down below!

Kind Regards,
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