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JSBSim craft advisory

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JSBSim craft advisory

Postby Thorsten » Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:05 am

Since the recent change to the parser, JSBSim is not only a lot more verbose about issues (good!) but also a lot more picky about accepting syntactically bad tags (somewhat problematic).

For instance ags like


which previously returned /my/property1 will now refuse to execute at all (note that the tag never was syntactically correct, but it was accepted and is no longer).

The implication is that this is again a change that will render aircraft which previously worked okay non-functional on next - so an unknown fraction of our JSBSim fleet currently won't start.

(And yes, I've seen issues in someone else's code, so it's not only my sloppy habits )

The good news is that we get explicit locations for the offending tags including line numbers, so generally the issues are easy to fix. Also, these are tags which never worked as intended in the first place, so fixing them to a working condition is likely easy.

My recommendation is that anyone who sees such issues on the repo simply goes ahead and pushes a fix if he has commit rights. If not, or if you feel unsure because you have no experience with JSBSim, give me a note with the errors and I'll go ahead and do the maintenance.
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