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seahawk, corsair RMIs not working w TACAN

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seahawk, corsair RMIs not working w TACAN

Postby jbflight » Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:55 pm

Love this simulator work. You guys are all heroes.
PROBLEM: I believe that RMIs in the seahawk and corsair are not working to find the carriers TACAN like the f-14 does.
I am new and loved this carrier topic
It features the sea hawk also written seahawk, as an easier plane to use with carriers. I have since used the radio magnetic indicator (RMI) on the f-14 to find the carrier and it works but I spent countless ours searching for these carriers in a cessna since that is what beginners will do... and then I downloaded the seahawk and spend countless hours with that and finally the f-14 and that one actually worked...

This website page on carriers comes up readily in google but the information .... well I will see if I can improve that but can someone look at the radio magnetic indicator for the seahawk and the corsair. I believe the are not working or at any rate do not work with TACAN and in the corsair the RMI is not even working as a compass so the plane has no compass. Anyway, if it is easy, please copy the code from a working radio magnetic indicator to track TACANs or not that these do not track TACANs somewhere. I think that the devices in this plane and the hawker sea hawk ( seahawk ) are not working and I think it is not even functioning as a compass in the corsair.

Please let me now if I am wrong about this. Beginners will go to that carrier page and try this and get dissuaded from flightgear I am afraid.

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