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Corsair brakes

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Corsair brakes

Postby jbflight » Wed Oct 31, 2018 3:04 am

Hi, I have been addicted to this flightgear lately and thanks for that.... great job. I noticed the corsair is a nightmare on the ground. There is mention of the pull of the engine but what I think might be a bit off is the brakes. At a medium speed taxi the brakes will throw me off 90 degrees.
I might be wrong though.... I have noticed that if I tap quicker on both sides of the brakes at lower speeds I was able to make some improvement.
I am so thankful someone wrote this gets to full power at only 30% of throttle on takeoff. That helped a lot.
All I can say is if they had this much trouble taking off in the real war we would not even have needed an enemy. But... flies beautifully once she's in the air.

Again, you all are so damn cool! Great work. Wish I was young again I would join you zealously.
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