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Re: Extra EA-300 for FlightGear - GPL v.2

Postby cobe571 » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:15 am

A big hello to everyone and everyone :D

-Picture by StuartC-

I am happy to let you know that after several months since I had to stop the development of Extra EA-300, I received the proposal to join the FGUK Development Team. Happy to have said YES! After all this time, the development of the Extra EA-300 finally resumed too. The people who will help me into this job are StuartC and Alex. At the moment StuartC is developing a better FDM and Alex I believe be taking charge of the fixed wing development. In the first organization of the original FDM, posted here, I adhered to a scheme, that can be traced back to the "directories scheme" used by Emmanuel Baranger, from which I often took inspiration. Those values will now be put in place. In the right way with the help of StuartC & Alex from the FGUK Dev Team.

I have no words to express the joy that gives me, to be able to resume this nice airplane.
Really thank you everyone.

Best regards,

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