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Early 2018 IDG Development Plans and Status

Questions and discussion about creating aircraft. Flight dynamics, 3d models, cockpits, systems, animation, textures.

Early 2018 IDG Development Plans and Status

Postby Octal450 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:08 pm

Hello everyone,
First off, once again, from all of us at IDG, thank you for your continued support. I take this time to write about the plans for development, as the goals have somewhat changed since my last update in mid-2017.

We have 3 aircraft families we are working on. This relieves both our boredom as developers and your boredom as pilots.

Airbus Project:
IDG-A32X: We are at a stable milestone, now the focus is 90% on the FMGS. The next work will be the huge FMGS and MCDU work. To those who keep asking about A318, A319, A321. They are too far different to be included right now, they will be added back later, near or after V1.0.
IDG-A33X: Same as the A32X, focus is on FMGS. Also, there are some more systems which need to be corrected still. Mostly the fuel system.

Hope to get V1.0 out before the end of the year, we will see how things go.

MD Project:
IDG-MD-11X/IDG-MD-10X: Focus is on the fuel system, and engine start/pneumatics. From there, we move to other systems, IRS and such.

V1.0 planned for 2019.

So where have I been?
Since early November, I have been suffering from chronic/constant abdominal pain, which has kept me from doing much development. It has been found to be a nerve problem, and we have begun the recovery. Due to this, I have been not doing much development, and won't be restarting major work for a little bit. Sorry, but this is the way it needs to be, that I can improve my health. This has affected me more than just FlightGear, but in my personal life as well. I need to get that sorted before returning to main development.

Right now, the only other full member of IDG, legoboyvdlp, he just got new hardware, so he is setting that up, and taking a bit of a break from the aircraft also.
As well, Thorsten H, is still working on the cockpit, he has said an A330 cockpit properly will be made after the A320 one is ready.

FlightGear 2018.1.X:
Please be aware that 2018.1.X will become the minimum version of FlightGear shortly after its release as 2018.1.1, once we have reports that the planes are working well. This is so that we can take advantage of some new features introduced, to make the planes even better. Hope it will not be a big inconvenience for you.

Other work:
I am also involved on the OPRF Mirage 2000 JSBsim version. I will be designing the FlyByWire, and Autoflight.
I am still doing some work on the 737-800YV, PA28-Warrior, and Q400-jsb

End of life:
Please be advised that I am announcing end of life, no more support, bug fixes, etc to the following:
IT-AUTOFLIGHT V3.0.0 and below -- please update to V3.1.0
IT-AUTOFLIGHT V1.0.0 and below -- please update to V1.1.0
777 Autopilot Redesign V1 -- please update to V2
CRJ Autopilot Redesign -- was not used
FGNavigator1 -- please update to PA28-Warrior

Also, moving the 727-200, C-32J, and KC-137R to the extended support. No longer being developed actively for now, however might update from time to time. Still will receive support and bug fixes.

Thanks for your understanding. Kind Regards,

Joshua Davidson
Lead Developer
it0uchpods Design Group

Waste of time. Goodbye forever.
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Re: Early 2018 IDG Development Plans and Status

Postby Oswald » Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:24 pm

Hello Josh,

thank you for your clear report and statement. It is good to know that you are still around in principle though temporarily moving back for personal and health reasons. I can only wish that all goes well for you regarding your health and personal issues and say thank you for your commitment so far.

Hope to hear/read from you in due course, Q400 (which is a lovely bird) waits patiently :D

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Re: Early 2018 IDG Development Plans and Status

Postby Octal450 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:44 am

Hi Oswald,
Thank you for your kind comments.

All the best,
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