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Tecnam P2010 updates

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Tecnam P2010 updates

Postby iamzac » Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:28 pm

I made several updates to the existing Tecnam P2010:

-Replaced the old glass instrument zkv1000 with the new canvas based one from here: which has working maps and other working features the older one didn't have.
-Replaced all the analog instruments with new better looking ones.
-Added yoke, pedals, magnetic compass, digital clock (the two appeared in splash but not in the model), air vents. Because there are holes in the panel behind the analog instruments I couldn't add the mixer to the right of the PFD, also I couldn't find a right throttle quadrant.
-Added various ALS effects for fuselage and interior.
-Added rain and thunder effects and sounds.
-Added ALS procedural lights and ALS secondary taxi light.
-Changed various lights in the cockpit to be closer to the real cockpit.
-Moved the seats because they where clipping through the fuselage and changed view points for cockpit and passenger, also made the pilot head invisible when viewing from his point of view.
-The model had a rear window which should not exist so I replaced it with a fuselage object.
-Changed window tints and transparency, added carpet on floor.
-Improved engine sounds, tied them to the engine properties, internal or external views and door states.
-Replaced the propeller with one with better model and improved rotation animation.
-Flight model small improvements, this aircraft can have 2 engines and 2 different propellers so 4 configurations but in addition to this I found other different performances and ranges on different sites (including differences between the .com Tecnam site and one Tecnam regional site) so I only made small improvements, now at 1000 ft it can reach 125 kt IAS with 65% throttle or 142kt with 90% throttle and at 10.000 ft it can reach 108 kt IAS which is 128 KTAS at 65% (the value, height and throttle combination I was targeting) or at 90% throttle 126 KT IAS which is 149 KTAS so maybe a bit too fast but who knows, I don't know the exact data for the various models.
-And maybe other changes I forgot.

You can download it here:

It would be nice if someone could make a better default livery with more details and some small improvements to the external 3D model which I can't make.





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Re: Tecnam P2010 updates

Postby FighterAce » Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:05 pm

Nice job! I'm downloading this for sure.
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