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Updated DO-228, Tecnam-P2006T, Falcon-50 and Diamond-Da42-VI

Questions and discussion about creating aircraft. Flight dynamics, 3d models, cockpits, systems, animation, textures.

Re: Updated DO-228, Tecnam-P2006T, Falcon-50 and Diamond-Da4

Postby iamzac » Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:00 am

A few minor updates:

Diamond-Da42-VI: Small fixes to the internal shadows and default views.
Tecnam-P2006T: Changed the color of the interior walls for better contrast with the rest of the objects, changed default views, increased the volume of some of the sounds.
Falcon-50: Removed the engines smoke effects because they looked bad and tweaked some other effects, also changed chase distance.

Maybe some other stuff, I tweaked several planes today so I don't remember them all.
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