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A330-200 MCDU Approach Problem and THR LK

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A330-200 MCDU Approach Problem and THR LK

Postby wavwavcoco » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:34 am

Hey Guys

I'm relatively new to Flightgear. I've succesfully flown various aircraft such as the A320 and the 767. Recently, I've been trying to fly the a330-200 series and it hasn't been as easy as any other aircaft. To be honest, the a330-200 series is a very well done aircraft and it is very nice to fly on, yet a little too uncomprehended. I've past various obstacles and I'm still through ones. Unfortunately, I haven't found enough posts on this forum to solve them, resulting in me finfing the need to create an account and post this.

When I'm trying to land, I always get a couple issues, mostly on the throttle part. When I'm trying to set my engines to idle manually, something in the main screen shows up that says "THR LK", and as it appears, I can't move the throttle with the 3/9 keys. I've tried leaving it on managed mode by shift-clicking the knob, but it only made things worse.
I found out that you can tell the plane to control the aircraft speed and the throttle by entering these in the APPR section on the PERF in the MCDU.

The thing is that looking at the youtube tutorials step by step, it has been all alright before I get to the APPR page, which is totally different from the one that shows in the video. ... tWbIt=s108
Image of the original video's MCDU ... 7KL8A=s114
picture of my MCDU

Worst of all, none of that information is somewhat similar to the aspects in the APPR page on the video. I would like to know how to access this menu or how to disable THR LK. Both would be useful for me. Hope I get a quick response :?

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Re: A330-200 MCDU Approach Problem and THR LK

Postby Octal450 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:58 am

Sorry to tell you, but this aircraft is quite broken and no-longer being developed. Hence, why I'm developing my own.

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