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C172p nasal runtime error in Multiplayer

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C172p nasal runtime error in Multiplayer

Postby jsb » Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:03 pm

I just saw the following by chance as a C172 entered my area in MP:
Code: Select all
Nasal runtime error: nil used in numeric context
  at /fgdata/Nasal/bits.nas, line 8
  called from: /fgdata/Aircraft/c172p/Models/, line 36
  called from: /fgdata/Nasal/globals.nas, line 119
c172p livery update

A quick&dirty hack to avoid this is to edit /fgdata/Aircraft/c172p/Models/c172p.xml (find line 36 in the nasal block)
Guestimate: node.getValue does not return a number -> hack: add "or 0" to line so a NIL becomes a 0.
I leave it to the experts to decide a reasonable fallback value or track and fix the root cause of this problem :)
Code: Select all
            setlistener(pax_state_path, func (node) {
                var state = node.getValue() or 0;
                co_pilot.setBoolValue(bits.test(state, 0));
                left_passenger.setBoolValue(bits.test(state, 1));
                right_passenger.setBoolValue(bits.test(state, 2));
                pilot.setBoolValue(bits.test(state, 3));
            }, 1, 0);
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Re: C172p nasal runtime error in Multiplayer

Postby wlbragg » Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:05 pm

Thanks @jsb, this has been added to issues in the dev repo.
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