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YASim bugfix/update needs testing

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YASim bugfix/update needs testing

Postby jsb » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:06 pm

Dear (yasim) aircraft developers

your help is needed! Some updates and bug fixes for YASim have been merged into the current development version of flightgear (2017.2) and you are kindly asked to test this with your favourite YASim based aircraft and provide feedback.

What to test:
- FlightGear performance
- Flight behaviour of the aircraft

How to test:

- Make sure your aircraft is "ok", e.g. it works and is flyable with a stable release of flightgear. Maybe have a short flight at your favourite airport to "feel" the behaviour of your aircraft again.
Please verify the aircraft XML and check
Code: Select all
 <aircraft ... >
does NOT have version="YASIM_VERSION_CURRENT" (no version at all or a version="YASIM_VERSION_32" is ok).

- For a baseline start your aircraft with your current (stable) version of FlightGear. In the display options activate "Show frame rate" and "Show frame spacing". Have a look to the lower left and lower right corner of your FlightGear window and write down your average inter-frame-delay in ms and frame rate.

- You need to compile flightgear from source or download a nightly build newer than 2017-03-19 (wait until tomorrow, and get nightly for 2017-03-20)
- Start your aircraft with the nightly and perform the above steps to get frame rate and frame spacing - please allow these numbers to stabilize after startup of flightgear first; please report any significant changes to this numbers.

- Have a flight and hopefully feel no difference.

- Now edit your aircraft.xml and add/change the version attribute
Code: Select all
  <aircraft mass="..." version="2017.2">
- Save the file and restart flightgear
- Fly again and check if the behaviour changed.

There are two bugfixes whiche are activated by version="2017.2":
One bugfix corrects the calculation of the wingspan which is used to determine the ground effect, so it could be that you feel more or less lift right after take off / right before touchdown - maybe you see no difference at all, it depends on where your yasim model has its coordinates origin).

The second bugfix corrects an copy&paste error in the code and could lead to a different stall behaviour for wings having camber=0
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