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legacy SR71 BlackBird updates

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legacy SR71 BlackBird updates

Postby Josh_grtuxteam » Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:42 am


I am one among the little dev-team who is trying to continue the Gerard's work.
9 models are concerned.
The ancients ( if there is longer ) can remember him he was GRTUX.

We are there to expose an update of the 10 years old SR71 Blackbird.
We can credit the original author our regretted friend Gerard since collected from his working database.
There is alot of improvement which were done by himself but never officially distributed .

We had only to adjust the spare parts (3d models) and to test and tweak the functons.

So here are the main updates which can be credited to Gérard.

Redesign SR71-A:
Forward cockpit , cockpits boards, panel accordingly.
After Cockpit.
Fuse and canopy

Redesign SR71-B
Forward cockpit , cockpits boards, panel, accordingly. (same thanSR71-A ).
After Cockpit, specific to B, panel accordingly.
Fuse and canopy

We checked against the SR71 Manual pubilcly available, it is right

Instruments, some are coming from the legacy model,
some are cominng from the database i was refering to,
some are coming from Pinto fork ( see additionnal comment below )

There was also available a new menu:
Aircraft control dialog box, which help to control the main functions ( including the start process )
Several dialog box refuel options:
-refuel on ground
-generic air refueling AAR, though not compliant with SR71 which want an altitude of 25000 ft for refuel operation ( according to SR71 manual )
-customized autopilot air refueling , (old development, working but could want improvement)
-FAKE refueling operation with a high flow rate.

========additionnal comment===========

Pinto had done a very interesting improvement propulsion and fuel system related
It does include:
-Engine .xml file
-system tank processing
-throttle control
-TEB process

Instruments CIT, ENP.
Engine failure.

Engine and Tanks were outdated since done 10 yeas ago, guessing Gerard could not get the right documentation, and
probably the jsbsim-code-tank-management was not at the actual level of quality, and flexibility.

So we dared to copy it from the Pinto's fork.

We noticed , also an interesting FDM addon , it reduce the tolerance at flight (pitch) , making the flight control very accurate, difficult, but more realistic.
-we included it, but as option which can be switched by the user.

We only had to arrange the compatibility with our system frame,, and fix some minor bug
The credit goes to Pinto

And for fun:
we were looking for a better haze effect than tinkering away 3D object and particles, we played with the haze GL effect., thus without ALS
so discovering that it was only necessary to unlock the ALS condition.

Since that GL coding (very well done, congratulation to the developer) is flexible with parameters which can be modified on the fly, we made some development under JSBSim ( though, could have been done under nasal) to trigger the effect , engine dependent:
-effect at start
-effect at idle
-effect at military
-effect at afterburner
-number of shocks , and haze size, accordingly..

The effect , the results against normal rendering , als rendering and rembrand rendering, are exactly the same
However, Thorsten , mind me about the lost of consistency in future which could come on if some inprovement within ALS including the flame thruster are done, so the best way is to include within the SR71 package the related codes .frag and .vert. which are at the moment working, instead of pointing to the FGData Effects content, so that we freeze the feature dedicated to the model.
Anyway thanks to Thorsten for the great work.
The credit goes to Thorsten.

For some reasons i won't try to explain there (i won't talk about the reasons was bad days ), that SR71 version won't be in FG repo.

Never mind, the legacy grtux-hangar web SR71 page give the links you could want

go to

Mind, the work is not finished , the TODO list is very heavy.
Next step: autopilot, instrument and functions.





oups sorry mismatch with img
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Re: legacy SR71 BlackBird updates

Postby Johan G » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:04 pm

Nice to see this venerable aircraft updated. :-D
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Postby daveculp » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:14 pm

Regarding the second screenshot, is that a shadow on the cockpit?
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Re: legacy SR71 BlackBird updates

Postby Josh_grtuxteam » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:26 pm


Snapshot done by a friend running under Rembrandt it is the tanker projected shadows.

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Re: legacy SR71 BlackBird updates

Postby Thorsten » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:07 pm

To repeat the idea expressed by Curt - I don't think there are technical problems left, if you can find someone you consider trustworthy, the procedure can work for this like for the Concorde author.
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Re: legacy SR71 BlackBird updates

Postby DutchAileron » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:29 am

This aircraft needs the drift-sight (view 101) copied out of the U-2 files and added to A-set and B-set. The RSO had a drift sight and could look forward; the pilot had a periscope and could look backwards (for realigning the rudders, because they could change alignment with heat and trim drag was a serious concern).
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