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Multiplayer walker / parachute jump

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Multiplayer walker / parachute jump

Postby pommesschranke » Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:46 am

I'd like to make a Walker that's visible to other players.
The goal: parachute jumpers take a ride on an aircarft and then jump together.

I have some ideas how to achieve this..

* use the classic walker like in the c172p or c182s and transmit his location and pose via MP.
- how attach multiple jumpers to one aircraft?
-but then the model view will always look at the aircraft, not at all the the jumpers

* use the "dual control"/copilot feature so that a pilot can invite a jumper for a ride.
works fine for the passenger looking at the plane. but not: pilot looking at passenger or passenger look at each other: lag & jitter

* use a stand alone parachutist "aircraft"
that's good, for players to walk together on the ground and see their poses & animations
- how to connect him to the aircraft before the jump?
works with dual control, see above
- I did read that dfaber made a stand-alone walker, where can I get it ?
no answer from dfaber yet

* treat the aircraft like a MP-carrier so jumpers can sit in it and jump from it
I did not try that, I remember we had issues with "ghost" mp carriers

* aerotow ? can the rope between aircraft and jumpers be very short and solid, so they will sit and not move in the cabin before jump?
I did not try that so far

* treat the jumpers like a bombable guided missile ?
are there any guided missiles submodels with a view/cam attached to it in FG?
are those missiles visible to other MP players ?
I did read that bombable missiles are not visible via MP

how would you do it ?

please comment and make suggestions!
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Re: Multiplayer walker / parachute jump

Postby erik » Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:06 am

I wish I knew, but I don't. So I can't help you unfortunately.

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Re: Multiplayer walker / parachute jump

Postby pommesschranke » Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:55 pm

what I have done so far:

* Aircraft, called "Y12B", can act as dual control pilot, so that the jumpers can ride as dual-control passengers/copilot

* Multiplayer walker "Walker-mp" with parachute that can jump (key: o) and open parachute(key: j)
Players on the MP server, who have the "Y12B" Package installed, can see each other.
They can be a passenger on the Y12B aircraft but have to disconnect the dual-control link before jump.
Walker-mp is included in the Y12B package
FDM: null

If you like to try, start with
Code: Select all
fgfs --aircraft=Walker-mp --altitude=5000

The walker stands in the air until you press "o"

current issue:
extreme flicker/jitter of the player's altitude when they watch each other jump,
both without and also with parachute.

I hope that can be reduced with a real FDM. Can I change the FDM without reset/restart ?
Because for a dual control passenger "null" is the (only?) correct FDM.

Currently the Walker-mp can not walk on the ground :lol: - but that is easy to fix.

if you have any ideas or suggestions,
pleas let me know.

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Callsign: d-laser
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