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Polygon Limits

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Re: Polygon Limits

Postby Crashpilot » Sat Oct 10, 2015 7:08 pm

Thorsten wrote in Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:07 am:So while it is possible to mess up the visuals of a model by using the wrong techniques in the wrong place, this doesn't have to be so.

Well, sure, real time CGI is always a matter of illusion. But some of those illusions will work perfectly with a Flatscreen, but won't work that well with VR Gear, a technology which will be developing fast in the next few years. Requirements always increase over time, and it is not unlikely that they will make a major leap in the foreseeable future. The conclusion is up to you.

Thorsten wrote in Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:07 am:Another advantage of visual effects vs. high vertex count is that they naturally scale with number of pixels seen - your million polygon model seen from 10 km distance as a single pixel will still generate a million polygon load for the vertex shader - but a model using heightmaps for the surface will generate hardly any load for a single pixel.

That is why LOD was invented, right?

For the record, I wasn't proclaiming the usage of megapolygon models. I am pointing at the situation that a new generation of visual display units is coming up.
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Re: Polygon Limits

Postby cobe571 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:35 am

Honestly I didn't understand why I always come summoned into some comparison talkin about my Fiat G.91R4 3D model that's still a work in progress. Specially by someone that will never understand how to make a 3D model with his own hands, but judge other 3D artworks without a real knowledge or a trusted and proper experience using a software like Blender, that's my tool over the years. Right now I've just 12 years of 3D modeling experience with Blender on my shoulders. So maybe I know something more, even if I'm still learning... The best 3D modelers I knew all around, taught me over the years there is a considerable difference between the real 3D for simulation, and 3D rendering for visual effects. In the second case almost everyone knows the number of polygons and vertices can theoretically limitless depending on your computer specs. Logic tells me, that such a way of creating a model for a simulator like FG is quite another big thing. So I follow the simple rule: "A plane in FG should use as high polygon count as needed", not more, not less. To create a 3D model for FG means to coming down to specific compromises, looking for the right balance of the number of vertices, that will produce the requested smoothness on your 3D model. This is what I learned from over the years: A good 3D model is not only matter of vertex amount. I don't think about my job, like a waste of time, unlike what I have read so far in some inappropriate way. I think about my job more like the right optimization any 3D model deserve if you're a 3D modeler/maker. It's really hard to explain a similar concept to those engineers who can not even know how to draw their own 3D models or who do not even know what it means to make a 3D model, from which it starts from scratch, and where to conclude the modeling job when is done; or doesn't know into wich areas it will best suited for i.e. real 3D or 3D rendering. Before thinking about what I want, I always wonder what are the chances that my airplane could fly into any computer with few or less resources than mine... Not everyone has that super performance computer graphics card with 6GB, or 16 GB total memory installed on board or more... So I think like the artist that optimize his own 3D models and choose to satisfy the request made by the low end user, regardless the satisfaction of any disgusted programmer who bases his thoughts on his own huge computer specs.

Regards Patrizio
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