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Bombardier CRJ700 series/CRJ900 replacement

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Re: Bombardier CRJ700 series/CRJ900 replacement

Postby skyop » Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:16 pm

The commit that changed the license needs to be erased, not just reverted. Then the contributors (on inspection, it's more than just Henning) need to be contacted, informed of the situation, and be ok with a CC license instead of GPL. In all likelihood this would involve a lot of commit rebasing.

Alternatively, rebase everything on the GPL copy in FGAddon.

Note that I would advise any future contributors to work with Hamza and FGAddon instead of FGMEMBERS.
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Re: Bombardier CRJ700 series/CRJ900 replacement

Postby hamzaalloush » Sun Sep 27, 2015 9:01 pm

Hi Ryan,

actually Github's infrastructure still keeps tabs on your contributions, listed under your username, infact, even though Henning had rebased his own repository after erasing Israel's commit and re-write history, i can still see it under Israel contributions, so then need to contact Github to resolve these issues and have a clean slate.

So i would advice everybody to tread carefully about licensing issues, Ryan, as the aircraft original author, has the last word on what involves of any derivatives of his original work, because he is the copy right holder,

In this case, until we have their approval, i would discount any work done upon CC-BY 3.0 original work, by authors other than Henning, as part of the auditing process.
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Re: Bombardier CRJ700 series/CRJ900 replacement

Postby jsb » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:28 am

Hamza, Ryan,

yesterday I read git documentation about rebase and got a medum size headache. In fact, I did not do any rebase on my master branch, I did only delete all other branches in my repo.
I really want to get rid of the mess and have a "clean" repo, but on the other hand I would like to keep my history. Any help/advice how to do this is highly appreciated (maybe via email).
As far as I understand, xml and nasal files are ok and we have to check only all artwork (images, 3D models).
I hope to find some time to work on this next weekend.
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Re: Bombardier CRJ700 series/CRJ900 replacement

Postby bugman » Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:50 am

Hi Henning,

I might be able to help too ;) I'm in the process of rewriting the FGAddon wiki article, and the git-svn path might be the easiest. Using this route, you would git-svn clone the aircraft directory in FGAddon (first asking for FGAddon commit access on the devel mailing list, stating your SourceForge user name). Then set up your GitHub repository as a remote, and cherry-pick each of your commits into the master branch of the git-svn local repository. If you only have a single branch and only cherry-pick, then you can send the lot into the official repository with:

Code: Select all
git svn dcommit

This will sort out all the current problems. Then you can delete the local git-svn repository and look at to work out the best way to continue developing.



Edit: I have just added these quick instructions to the development scenarios section of the FGAddon wiki article.
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Re: Bombardier CRJ700 series/CRJ900 replacement

Postby hamzaalloush » Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:32 pm

Hi Henning, Edward

First, i want to make some things clear, i was just stating that all "activity"/contributions (i.e commits pushed, pull requests made, issues submitted) made by another member on Github, will exist under his/her username as part of the record keeping on the site.

Obviously, you’ve agreed to release your own work(you are the developer) in compliance with the new LICENSE, which makes your work compatible with GPL, and therefore i can pick it up(cherry-pick your changes) and include it into FGAddon.

What Ryan is suggesting to go one step further, and delete the commit from history in your repository all together(this will prevent other users from forking your repository and rebasing prior to the LICENSE change), this can be done using git rebase -i "interactive" mode, let me sort this stuff out and collaborate with Edward whenever i'm in a pinch, you can also apply as he suggests for access rights your self on FGAddon, anyway, i'll send you the exact command to do this from the terminal via e-mail.

As been said, i can easily just cherry-pick your changes to FGAddon, but i will also follow Ryan's recommendation and produce a "clean" relicense-free repository for you to push, meanwhile, focus on making a stable branch for your aircraft locally, just as we agreed, and don't worry about this stuff. :wink:

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