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Genric Protocol Over TCP

Connecting two computers, using generic protocol, connecting with Matlab?

Genric Protocol Over TCP

Postby idan57 » Fri Dec 13, 2019 7:31 am


I am trying to use generic protocol to communicate over TCP with FlightGear. I wrote a simple server that receives data on TCP and prints it on screen in a Ubuntu 18 virtual machine and ran the simulator on Windows. Telnet connection works just fine but my server is waiting for connection from the simulator and not getting it.
This are the additonal settings I added:

--generic=socket,out,10,<ip of machine>,5400,tcp,generic_small

Please help!!
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Re: Genric Protocol Over TCP

Postby wkitty42 » Fri Dec 13, 2019 1:13 pm

if you're running the server on the FG machine, as seemingly indicated by the "<ip of machine>" entry, then perhaps that IP should also be the same as the other... if you have the server running on another machine, both IPs should point to it... IIUC your setup and configuration...

you might also have a firewall on the server machine that is blocking the traffic from reaching the server... check that as well...

i also see that both of those lines are using different ports... maybe the problem is there?

the only other thing would be to maybe provide a better description and possibly a network diagram drawing of the data flow you are expecting to see... make sure you use the proper IP addresses and ports in the drawing so we can tell more about what's going on... remember that RFC1918 addresses really don't need to be obfuscated since they are valid only in your network and unroutable to others...
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