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FlightGear animation in Simulink

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FlightGear animation in Simulink

Postby CacaRimas » Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:16 am

Hi, i am using Flightgear v2016.1 in my Matlab/SIMULINK which is R2016b. I create my own F16 model in SIMULINK with using Nonlinear dynamic inversion technique. Then, i am going to land an airport. Bacause of using my own model, in `.bat` file i write --fdm = null. My problem is in visualization, when i want to gear up. The button 'g' is not work. Also, the control surfaces is not move in animation when my model change elevator or rudder position. Is there any chance to solve that problem. Because i need to show gears and surface position in flightgear.

Sorry for my English :)
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