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Connecting two computers, using generic protocol, connecting with Matlab?

Getting started

Postby Hooray » Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:40 pm

An introduction to the FlightGear property tree is available here: ... troduction
The wiki contains another introduction that is available here: ... /Explained

A list of properties commonly available in FlightGear is available here: ... properties
The telnet (props) interface is documented here:
The generic I/O system is documented here: ... /README.IO
The XML configurable protocol system is documented here: ... E.protocol

The logging system is documented here: ... ME.logging

XML-configurable protocols are typically stored in $FG_ROOT/Protocol:

MATLAB/SIMULINK: ... i-malaysia ... ation.html ... ation.html ... 15639.html ... 24563.html ... 19546.html

C++ (FlightGear core):
FlightGear's networking system can be inspected by viewing the $FG_SRC/Network folder: ... rc/Network
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