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FGRun 2018.2 on Ubuntu 2017.10 airport errors

FGRun is a graphical frontend to run FlightGear.

FGRun 2018.2 on Ubuntu 2017.10 airport errors

Postby CoolGames » Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:54 pm

System is System 76 laptop running Ubuntu Studio 2017.10 Artful

I compiled and built 2018.2 FGFS , SIMGEAR, FGRUN and OPENSCENEGRAPH using
When I enter FGRUN the airport is reset to default.
When I go to choose an airport, it only lists installed and I wanted KASH Nashua, NH so I ask for all and enter KASH to choose it.
I then press NEXT and it is showing in command line and advanced choices.
At home I download using TerraSync then disable to avoid invoking elsewhere.

If I press Previous back to choose another aircraft I loose the airport and have to start over choosing KASH.
Even if I don't make any choices the airport disappears or is reset to default which may cause restart of TerraSync
If I remember it was too slow, I have it turned it off until I am home on a faster connection.
If not I have to ESCAPE out and start over and first step is to turn off TerraSync.
At this point the airport is back to Flightgear default and blank in advanced.
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Re: FGRun 2018.2 on Ubuntu 2017.10 airport errors

Postby wkitty42 » Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:38 pm

have you tried using the new launcher instead of the no longer supported FGRun? the new launcher works quite well, actually... i use it all the time and rarely invoke any specialty command line scripts unless i'm doing ATC stuffs out in the middle of nowhere ;)
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