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FGRun getting it's paths crossed

FGRun is a graphical frontend to run FlightGear.

FGRun getting it's paths crossed

Postby PH-JAKE » Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:48 am

While trying the new 737-300 I stumbed upon a bug in that distribution. It concerns a misnamed file. Not a big problem, but what FGRun reported me was wrong as well. While loading the Aircraft model info it said:
"File not found: $FG_ROOT/Aircraft/737-300/... ", (where FG_ROOT is /usr/share/games/flightgear) while in fact the missing (or rather misnamed) file is in the FG_AIRCRAFT directory (/home/user/Flightgear/Aircraft/ in this case). So the error dialog (almost) send me on a goose chase through the file system finding 'the other' 737-300 in FG_ROOT, which wasn't there of course.
So the simple request is: could the error dialog present the proper path(s) when not finding the file it looks for, even if it searches multiple paths? :)
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