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Fgrun latest Git Startup error message DO-335

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Fgrun latest Git Startup error message DO-335

Postby ozfly » Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:17 pm

Is there an explanation for this when I startup fgrun I am on ubunut 12.04 built from download_and_compile latest i.e 3.10

Failed to create alias at /controls[0]/electric[0]/key-pos[0]. Source /sim[0]/multiplay[0]/generic[0]/int[10] is already aliasing another property.
Failed to set alias to /controls/electric/key-pos
at /ozdata/fgdirect/install/fgfs/fgdata/Aircraft/DO-335/do335-base.xml

Deleting the aircraft removes it. But would like to understand why I am newbie trying to learn the system.
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Re: Fgrun latest Git Startup error message DO-335

Postby Gijs » Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:22 pm


Yes, there's an explanation :-) If you open up do335-base.xml in an editor, you'll find these two lines (not directly next to eachother):
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<int type="int" n="10" alias="controls/armament/trigger">0</int>
<int n="10" alias="/controls/electric/key-pos">  0 </int>

We cannot use the same property (int[10] in this case) for two different aliases. So, the solution would be to change the index on one of them. Best thing to do is to send the author of this aircraft (helijah), a message pointing him to this topic so he can fix it.

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