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Downloaded Aircraft won't start with "S" button

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Downloaded Aircraft won't start with "S" button

Postby qigongdoctor » Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:09 pm

Flightgear offers the 'greatest flying experience around.... I really want to believe that!! I've tried some of the stock planes, and, well... it's OK, BUT I really like helicopters!

I have downloaded (mostly helicopters), and installed them according to directions.

Sometimes there is the name of the aircraft on the far right of the toolbar, and a dropdown says "autostart". THAT seems to work, but the toolbar
is NOT there at all with downloaded aircraft.

In most cases, I can't get a toolbar to appear at all.... but IF I run my mouse along the top of the page, maybe... sometimes, there's a dropdown, but not in all cases.

Sometimes, there is a prompt to press "S" to start the engine. It revs, but as soon as I take my finger off the "S" button, the engine slows and stops.

I'm new to this program, and can't seem to get off the ground!! :(

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Re: Downloaded Aircraft won't start with "S" button

Postby hvengel » Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:01 pm

In many cases aircraft have to be setup by the pilot so that the engine can actually start and run. This involves things like connecting the fuel to a tank with fuel in it, turning on the magnetos, turning on fuel pumps, connecting the battery, setting mixture controls, setting the throttle to the correct start up position and so on. Like in real life each aircraft is different and it is the pilots job to know what needs to be done to start each type of aircraft.

Some aircraft include the "autostart" feature which is really a convenience feature for new pilots that is not very realistic. Some aircraft now have the new check list feature implemented which allows new pilots to actually do the start up procedure almost like there is someone sitting next to them walking them through the process. Which is a little closer to reality and it actually helps new pilots learn the start up procedure for that aircraft which is a good thing IMO. These features are aircraft specific so not all aircraft have either of these features.

For the tool bar there is a check box in the launcher program that needs to be checked. I don't remember what it is labeled off hand but it was fairly apparent when I ran into this issue after installing 3.0 last night. After checking this option the toolbar menu started working the way I expected.
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