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fgfs.exe (2.10) has stopped working

FGRun is a graphical frontend to run FlightGear.

fgfs.exe (2.10) has stopped working

Postby pilot » Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:43 pm

windows says it's stopped working
command line:
C:\Program Files\FlightGear\bin\Win32\fgfs.exe
--fg-root=C:\Program Files\FlightGear\data
--fg-scenery=C:\Program Files\FlightGear\terrasync;C:\Program Files\FlightGear\data\Scenery;C:\Program Files\FlightGear\scenery
withal craft and airports (I think it's the actual simulator not the planes or airports), black widow speed link, wddm 1.0
so yeah that's it really :cry:
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