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How to change the temp path ? (as workaround for issue#1055)

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How to change the temp path ? (as workaround for issue#1055)

Postby loic » Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:54 pm


This is my first post, and I am trying to run FlightGear for the first time. Unfortunately it crashes right after the Airport selection screen.
This is a bug ... il?id=1055 due to my name : Loïc and this specific french character that mess all up. "ï"

I don't know when this fix will be merged in an official realease, but I would like to finally launch FG !

Is there a way to specify an other path for a temporary directory ? instead of the default : C:\Users\Loïc\AppData\Roaming\

Thank you

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Re: How to change the temp path ? (as workaround for issue#1

Postby Hooray » Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:27 pm

On Windows, you really just need to export the $TEMP environment variable normally - e.g.:

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