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B777-200 on flightGear 2.6.0

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B777-200 on flightGear 2.6.0

Postby agelbert » Sat Mar 31, 2012 7:23 pm

Hi everyone. As they used to say when I worked airplanes (FAA enroute ATC) in our approved phraseology manual for controller to controller talk : "Speak slowly; I'm a new man". :mrgreen:

This is what I observe in the command console window now when I try to run the 777 that I had been flying fine for a week or so:
Could not open file C:/Program Files/FlightGear/data/AI/Aircraft/777/c172.xml
JSBSim failed to open the configuration file: C:/Program Files/FlightGear/data
Unknown exception in the main loop. Aborting...
Possible cause: No such file or directory
Airports/O ... done
Airports/P ... done

And so on and so forth: The splash screen disappears while the airports and then models keep loading. Nothing else happens. As the command console output says, there is no such file. The point is, why is it looking for it? I had the AI aircraft option not set (models) at all.
Note: I flew this 777 200ER many times without problems. When I downloaded and tried to open some new aircraft, one of which was unable to open because it had no dialog folder (I think), I was unable to later fly the 777. I tried deleting all the 'strange and buggy aircraft' like the paraglider and the f86, delete the 777 and get a new downloaded one (same file size after extraction) but to no avail. :cry:

Is my load sequence corrupted and do I now have to uninstall FlightGear and reinstall? I wish to note that I am still able to fly the c172 with full 3d panel, a L1011 (hud - no panel), piper colt, comanche, warrier, seneca, some float aircraft and othe sea planes, a glider, the F14 and even the snow plow. :?:

The 'thing' about the 777 is that it is the first aircraft on the list. Could that have something to do with the load sequence being corrupted by some buggy aircraft that wouldn't load? I don't know. I tried putting the Zero fighter at the top by deleting the 777 and the Zero still flies fine. :?

Ideas and suggestions would be welcome. :D

777-200 Properties
Type: File Folder
Location: C:\ProgramFiles\FlightGear\data\Aircraft
Size: 13.5 MB (14,226,962 bytes)
Size on disk: 14.0 MB (14,733,312 bytes)
Contains: 225 Files, 14 Folders

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