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airport list in fgrun

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airport list in fgrun

Postby 50mcrush » Sat Mar 22, 2008 10:56 pm

Hi all,

Using openSUSE Linux here and yesterday I installed fgrun (the wizard). My installation came directly from an openSUSE repository so the program is a binary (I guess).

Seems to be working fine except for the "Airports Cache:" setting. I can't seem to manipulate that line of pointers, can't delete it either. It was generated upon installation. Additionally the file it points to "airports.txt" is empty. I manually entered about 100 airports into that file and saved it and everything seemed to work as it should. Golly am I ever glad I made a copy of that file because upon a later start up of fgrun I had no airports listed on the airports page. Checked the airports.txt file in /.fltk/ and found the file empty........again.

I believe I'm not supposed to have to manually place the names of the airports in the airports.txt file, shouldn't it be self generating.

I'm aware the airports are part of the scenery files. I have the entire continental US plus a bit more scenery installed. How far into those scenery folders must I point FG_SCENERY? I shouldn't have to enter a thousand lines in FG_SCENERY to get the program to read the airports for the airports.txt file......should I ? Presently I have the following lines in FG_SCENERY:


Is there some wild card I need to use? Otherwise I would be entering a thousand lines such as the first line shown above, and it doesn't seem to be working for the airports.txt file anyway :-)

Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead,
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Postby Jester » Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:04 pm

/usr/share/FlightGear/data/Scenery and /usr/share/FlightGear/data/WorldScenery should be enough.
I think there is an option to force updating of the cache somewhere.
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Postby fredb » Sat Mar 29, 2008 4:46 pm

Jester wrote:I think there is an option to force updating of the cache somewhere.

The "Refresh" button is in the location page.

fgrun looks for airports in the scenery path. It saves its findings in the cache file. Beware, it takes time to get the list done, especilly if you have multiple, redundant, directories. Wildcards are not recognized.

So simplify your FG_SCENERY path as already suggested, and be patient. Also check the permissions on the cache file.
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Postby 50mcrush » Sat Mar 29, 2008 10:28 pm

Thanks for the replies Jester and fredb.

I was having other problems with fgrun also and actually ended up removing it temporarily.

Both your suggestions are appreciated and will certainly be kept in mind when I re-install fgrun.
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