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Estonian Air nevermore in the air

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Estonian Air nevermore in the air

Postby Alral » Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:55 pm

"But Estonian Sky remains always blue" (from one of Estonian Air advertisement campaigns several years ago) - obviously no more...

So, that's the end of Estonian Air. 1991-2015. R.I.P.

The European Commission decided that Estonian Air was receiving state funding during 2010-2013 illegally and should return the money received. Estonian Air, obviously not having that kind of funds, has declared itself bankrupt and ceased all operations.

That's what happens when an airline is run without any long-term planning or strategy, just in sake of "we have one".

The Government has created the new state-owned company under the name of "Nordic Aviation Group", which should become the new flag carrier. At the moment it has no fleet, no crew, no license and will be just ordering flights from other airlines.

Something tells me that the new company will not be even able to live through to become an airline. If we ever learn anything from the past, it is only that we learn nothing from the past...

It seems like since now I will be using not just the never-existed livery, but a never-existed livery of a no-more-existing company...

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