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Newbie: ATC Doesnt Reply

FGCom is a realtime voice communication system specially designed for FlightGear.

Newbie: ATC Doesnt Reply

Postby Wicksay » Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:31 am

New to Flighgear. I've spent the last few weeks running through the basic Cessna tutorials and learning to fly. Added a joystick and started setting up trim buttons etc ...

I now want to add ATC Comms. As I'm using v3.x Flightgear I've followed the instructions for setting up FGCOM in multiplayer and I can successfully hear the chatter between aircraft and ATC. I've tested my mike and I can hear myself.

How do I interact with ATC. I hold my mike button down (spacebar or thumb button on joystick) and try something like " ATC this is G-BEMB (phonetically of course) request start up" for example but there's no reply.

Part of the problem might be I'm going from the tutorial straight to starting up FG with my cessna on a runway or taxiway, where ever it puts it ?

Or is it a case I need to tune to the radio to the right frequency or initiate contact in a specific way ...

I'm missing something...?

Anyone have any suggestions please.

Wicksay: Dell laptop, linux Mint, logitech joystick, Plantronics headset, FG v3.x
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Re: Newbie: ATC Doesnt Reply

Postby sanhozay » Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:03 pm

FGCOM provides voice communications with another person running Flightgear. There is no automated ATC via FGCOM.

If you want to fly with ATC, look for people running ATC sessions.


Note that many ATCs prefer Mumble for voice communications.
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Re: Newbie: ATC Doesnt Reply

Postby Wicksay » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:53 pm

Thanks Sanhozay.... I get it now ... That's a leap too far just yet as that will require a flight plan and I've not left the default airport yet lol!
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Re: Newbie: ATC Doesnt Reply

Postby elgaton » Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:11 pm

Filing a flight plan is not required (although, speaking as a regular ATC on the FlightGear multiplayer network, it is appreciated, especially when we hold multiplayer events and have to control many pilots in a short span of time).

However, when flying under ATC control, you should:
  • be able to fully control your plane (so, I would recommend you to perform several flights offline before joining the multiplayer environment);
  • have at least a basic understanding of the official phraseology, which you can find on the wiki (see also this tutorial and a list of best practices).

When you feel ready, see the site sanhozay provided a link to, choose an airport where an ATC is available and where there is not much traffic (use the FlightGear multiplayer map for that), connect there (make sure to connect when you are at a parking position, not on the runway) and contact the controller. The key is to ask for clearances (permissions) to move (taxi), takeoff..., to communicate and to promptly follow the instructions the controller gives you. Should you wish to do some practice, I usually control LIPX on Saturday evenings (European time).
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