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FGCOM: Audio problem

FGCom is a realtime voice communication system specially designed for FlightGear.

FGCOM: Audio problem

Postby simulant » Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:16 pm


I just tried FGCOM: On my laptop and on the gaming PC, I started Flightgear, placed the cessnas both on EDLN, and tuned to 121.92 MHz.
Then I started on both machines the echo test: it worked.
Ok, then, press space and hear: But in neither direction nothing was to hear.

So I started wireshark to see wheather the audio is transmitted. Wireshark allows for sniffing the network traffic and you can save the iax2 autio streams to one file for each direction. I did that. Result: Yes! The audio from the gaming pc reached my laptop and the audio from my laptop was correctly sent to the fgcom asterisk server.
But I could not hear it.

EDIT: Windows 10 on both computers.

Does anyone else do have this or a similar problem?
Any idea what might be the cause?

Best regards,
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