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Need Atlas Help

Atlas is an addon that lets FlightGear users display a real-time "moving-map" of their flight.

Need Atlas Help

Postby Froggg » Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:12 am

Hello All. Just for reference, I'm running Linux Kubuntu 12.04, and FG 2.80, and Atlas 0.3.1+cvs20120214-0ubuntu1. I start Map with the command

Map --atlas=/usr/share/games/Atlas/ --fg-root=/usr/share/games/flightgear/ --fg-scenery=usr/share/games/flightgear/Scenery.

and I start Atlas with the command

Atlas --fg-root=/usr/share/games/flightgear/ --udp=5500 --atlas=/usr/share/games/Atlas/ --fg-scenery=/usr/share/games/flightgear/Scenery --autocentre-mode

Atlas starts and runs fine, and the text and markings (airports, VOR, DME, etc.) are very clear and readable, but the map itself is extremely blurry, to the point where you have to guess where the coast, for example, is. I've seen screenshots of maps in Atlas that are quite clear and detailed, showing lots of detail. Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.
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