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navinfo retrieval

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navinfo retrieval

Postby gkick » Sat Jun 01, 2019 3:21 am

Hi All,
Sort of stuck with this. I am using a dialog to prompt for airport and runway amongst other parameters to start in air with all kinds of different failure modes
and or weather scenarios.
All working fine, however I would like to preset instrumentation/nav with the relevant frequency and radial for the ILS localiser if there is one.
Tried to modify the code of the Bluebird which displays the frequency of the nearest runway, but am unable to use the value of the r.ils.frequency bit ?

if (r.ils != nil) {
lgst_rw = sprintf("%s %12.3f Mhz", lgst_rw,
r.ils.frequency / 100);

and how would I reference the radial info as the underlying database does not seem to have any field headers ?

so basically I would like to populate the nav frequency and radial fields with the correct values whenever sim/prests/airport-id and runway change while aloft.
Thanks for your help

Thanks for your help.
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