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Anyone into model rocketry?

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Anyone into model rocketry?

Postby Johan G » Sun May 12, 2019 7:25 pm

Half a year ago or so I stumbled upon Joe Barnard's YouTube channel

He got hooked on rocketry after seeing the SpaceX Falcon 9 hopper taking off hover and land and later the Falcon 9 booster nearly landing on a barge. He knew he had to get a go at making a model rocket land propulsively.

It is really interesting to see his very methodical progress. With a combination of learning rocket science, math, fabrication and programming, and through modelling, simulation, launching, data analysis, a huge amount of "umph" and trial and error he intend to be able to launch and propulsively land rockets under power of commercially available solid fuel rocket engines. And he is making progress.

I find his videos very interesting. Typically he have made some experiment (which sometimes is a launch) and is discussing possible error sources and corrections done prior and after. - Channel Trailer - 2018 (2 min)

Typical video: - Echo - Landing Test #4 (17 min)

A longer presentation where he also mentions his background: - The Future of Scale Rocketry - National Rocketry Conference 2018 (47 min)
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