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Easy Aircraft For Beginners

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Re: Easy Aircraft For Beginners

Postby Isaak » Mon May 06, 2019 7:57 am

Normally we would suggest to start with the c172p as it is very realistic and is often used IRL to start your training. Since you don't want a too slow plane, I guess you're looking at airliners. In that case you might want to try the 777. It is quite realistic, but not too complicated and if you use the checklists (via Help > checklists) you can easily configure the plane for takeoff/cruise/landing...

You can use the mouse for flying: press TAB once and you'll see crosshairs appear. You can use the mouse like a joystick in that way. Press TAB twice to exit the mouse control mode.

Oh, and this is the FlightGear forum, not p3d's ;)
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