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Seeking a 3D designer

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Seeking a 3D designer

Postby Eowaliwiel » Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:39 am

Hello there,

I need the Low-Poly Luxury Small Car for VR application to be developed in Unity Game Engine with following specifications:
1. Create a Low-Poly Luxury Small Car model any one out of Toyota Camry or Volkswagen GTi or Mercedes C 300.
2. Limit PolyCount <= 45K-50k and Vertices Count <= 40K and Geometry type should be = Polygon mesh
3. Use minimum textures and materials, MAX Texture resolution should be 2048*2048. Try to share materials between parts.
4. I need Animation Opening and closing of all doors, roof if models supports it, also same for bonnet and dicky .
5. I should be able to change the colors of , car's exterior body and interior body by editing its color value via material in Unity game engine or if you used textures for body please give separate texture for each color minimum 3/5 colors like silver metallic, phantom brown, red metallic and metallic black and color of your choice.
6. Make 2 different designs for tyre rim's so that can be changes programmatically.
7. All parts should be logically named and separate like doors, tires roof, dicky, bonnet etc.
8. If you're interested please apply here -
9. Please feel free to connect to us here for any queries before you start work.

Re: Seeking a 3D designer

Postby Catalanoic » Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:04 pm

i dont think here is the best site to ask that, but take into account that our scenery database has some low-poly cars freely avalible to all :lol:
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Re: Seeking a 3D designer

Postby Michat » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:37 pm

Hi there.
There aren't any of those luxury models in FG. We have lambo Murci, Renault Kangoo, Jeep, WV Samba.

Formerly called Bulldog. There is a guy at this forum, who used to show car models, not in your specified design segment.

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