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Job in 737 Flight Simulator, near to Washington DC

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Job in 737 Flight Simulator, near to Washington DC

Postby Soitanen » Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:25 pm

Hello everyone!

Since my lasttime posting about the job, my company ( has big growth. Now we have 10 simulators installed (8 737's and 2 320's). And now we will open soon entertainment Boeing 737-800 full flight simulator in Bethesda, MD, really close to Washington, DC,, so we are looking for instructors.

Job description:
- perform flights with clients in flight simulator;
- give basic knowledge of flight principles, aviation law, aircraft construction to clients
- answer on their different questions.

- excellent verbal communications skills;
- knowledge of Boeing 737-800 aircraft as a pilot (FCOM, FCTM, SOP);
- friendly attitude to clients;
- willingness to tell the same basic principles to different clients several times a day;
- fluent English;
- be an enthusiast of aviation.

We offer:
- full-time job;
- flight time based salary.

May be someone knows people, what wants to be instructor in DC area? We don't seek for real pilots (but accept them too), simulator skills are often very good for became an instructor. Also, may be someone can suggest domestic USA forum, where local simmers are chatting?
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