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New Spanish FG community website!

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New Spanish FG community website!

Postby NiTuS » Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:42 pm

We NiTus and El Flauta have created a new site, much more modern than our previous one ( ) using Joomla! called ViveFG! (LiveFG! in English), in which you'll find our classical tutorials, additional aircraft, buildings, liveries, FG-related articles... :D We encourage ya to come in, even if you don't speak Spanish! :mrgreen:

On the other hand, we are seriously thinking about becoming the official FG website in this language. Our community was born in 2006, and we've got enough experience, users and contributions to the simulator, so we ask you if it could be possible to us. I asked Curtis L. Olson to his e-mail a long long time ago about this thread, yet I didn't get any response, so that I thought it'd be better to spread our new website here in the forum.

Thank you

Cheers! :)
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