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FlightGear 2.8.0 Released!

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FlightGear 2.8.0 Released!

Postby curt » Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:48 pm

The FlightGear team is very excited to announce the v2.8.0 Release is now available! I will be brief and simply post the link to the official release announcement. ... -released/

Some of the notable changes and improvements include:

Major improvements from v2.6.0 include improved AI aircraft, up to date with all the recent JSBSim flight dynamics model improvements, support for region specific textures, better random 3d buildings, better random object placement, 3d airport signage, in-sim toggling between summer and winter texture sets. The core FlightGear code now supports a flexible 2d rendering system which can be used to accurately model glass cockpit displays and other complex instrumentation. There are many new and improved aircraft to explore. A new automated system is now available for scenery submissions that automatically get rolled into the scenery distribution to be enjoyed by everyone. Version 2.8 has improved atmospheric light scatter modeling, better terrain haze, and improved 3d clouds.

A very exciting new addition is “Project Rembrandt”. This is still considered “experiemental” and not enabled by default. But when you turn it on you will get real-time shadows, support for multiple light sources (landing lights, instrument lights, directional ground spotlights, even the rotating beacons illuminate the surrounding correctly.) In addition, Project Rembrandt offers a variety of other visual effects such as night vision, film grain effects, depth of field effects, lens (i.e. fisheye) distortion — all in real time.

MacOSX Update 8/28/2012:

We have a dmg ready to download and test. Would love some initial feed back before announcing it to everyone. You can download from here:

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