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swift do not connect to Flightgear

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swift do not connect to Flightgear

Postby rommel » Sun Jan 31, 2021 4:16 pm

I use FlightGear version 2020.3.5 (FlightGear- 2020.3.5-x86_84.AppImage) on KDE Neon, based on Ubuntu 20.04; swift version is (

I already have the swift application configured, updated the databases and created the model set.

In the FlightGear game I already see the option swift Connection in the Multiplayer menu. It used (localhost) as the IP address and 45003 as port. This data was assigned by the game itseft.
When I open swift core it never connect with simulator, the led next to the word simulator never turn yellow, the same happens with mapper ready.

Can someone give me some idea of what is happening? what else can suggesst me? something else that I need to configure and have forgotten? where else I have to or could looking to find solutions.

Thanks in advance.
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