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MP Carrier "detection range"

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MP Carrier "detection range"

Postby sgofferj » Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:45 pm


it seems, that in 2.6 I can only select MP carriers which are <=5nm from my position. That's a bit short :). Helo-flying and mouse actions don't go together well.
Is there any way to change this?
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Re: MP Carrier "detection range"

Postby AndersG » Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:43 pm

Try increasing /sim/rendering/static-lod/ai-detailed from 10000m to something larger.
E.g. by adding --prop:/sim/rendering/static-lod/ai-detailed=20000 to the command line.

The MP/AI model and the attached Nasal module that you want to connect your carrier to probably isn't loaded until you are within the ai-detailed LOD range. (The effect on MPCarrier then, is a side effect of the recent improvement in AI handling.)

Additionally you could preset the callsign of the carrier player you want to see, e.g.:
--prop:/sim/mp-carriers/nimitz-callsign=<the callsign>

Then the Nimitz MPCarrier should activate as soon as you come within AI range of that carrier player. Using TACAN to home in on the carrier from further out will not work in this case, however.

I'll see if FG can be changed to activate the MP model attached Nasal module as the MP/AI player comes within the outer AI LOD range rather than when within the detailed. Such a change is not without other potential problems, though.

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