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Navigraph/X-Plane Navaids conversion  Topic is solved

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Navigraph/X-Plane Navaids conversion  

Postby camileck » Fri Sep 11, 2020 7:50 pm

I have got Navigraph data but I have a problem with X-Plane 10 earth_nav.dat file. I renamed the file and gzipped it but it resulted in some navaids (LOWI ILS localizer for example) stopped working. The general way I do this is correct because using the same way I got the ability to use new FIXes in route manager. I think it is result of the nav.dat file formatting being slightly different the the FG's original one.
This wiki article describes converting the X-Plane data but script file download link does not work. Could you please advice on how do I convert X-Plane files so that they are usable in FG?


I have sorted this out! I was veryfying ILS when parked on the runway but as soon as I took off and crossed the runway threshold GS and LOC became active.
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