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Multiple Callsigns

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Multiple Callsigns

Postby Aomurasaki » Tue Aug 11, 2020 3:40 am

Hello everybody, I'm a recent user of FG and i'm being enjoying learning so many things. I hope posting in the right board. ORRAIT:
Lets supose that in a military flight i want to identify an aircraft with more than one callsign along the mission.
in concrete if for example the mission name is KO and i have a team of 3 aircrafts i can identifiy each one with a tag letter indicating a color like KOW for KOWhite and for last (and this is the part fort the callsign change) add a word codifying the state of the mission like KOW-Tundra for an aircraft in the ground before takeoff
I just had some rough figures for how to do it but all that have flawless like try to change the callsign directly in the MP dialog but that requires disconnection... Well thanks for read.
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