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Garmin 196 questions (Robin & Cub)

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Garmin 196 questions (Robin & Cub)

Postby dilbert » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:54 pm

Hi guys

Can't delete routes.

Page 62 of the manual under "using Route Otions" states the following:

"Highlight a route and press Menu to open the options menu. From here you can start the route, copy it, delete it, delete all routes {which I'd like to do}, and create a new route."

Route displays the following:
KBFM to 09FL
Enter to Add Route

I press Enter and highlight KBFM to 09FL

I then press Menu, trying to open the options menu as shown in the guide.

Instead of getting the Route Tab Options Menu, I'm sent to the Map. :?

Encountered same situation, whether using Garmin in DR 400 or Cub.

What am I doing wrong?

P.S. Can get rid of them by deleting C>Users>{name}>AppData>Roaming>>aircraft-data>garmin196, or individually removing them from same file; but that should be unnecessary.

Got rid of unwanted Route and Flight files by deleting them in Roaming.

Tried to create a route based on page 26 of the manual. I got to step 4. (Press MENU to show the options menu. Use the Rocker to highlight Add Waypoint, and press ENTER.).

Step 5 says: The Aviation Find Page (Goto Page) opens allowing you to select an aviation point. Enter the ID, Facility name, or city. Would like to, but the Aviation Page doesn't open. Instead I get a short list of nearby airports and addable fixes. Am I beating my head against the wall? Or does the FG version, which seems highly developed, use slightly different steps from the manual? :? :?

Best Regards
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