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Comments on the FG Route Manager

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Comments on the FG Route Manager

Postby dilbert » Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:31 am

Like Dave Culp's T-2C, as it flies like real planes once known, but requires the FG, menu driven, Route Manager and Auto Pilot-which work well.
For me, WIKI was not that clear on how to use the Route Manager,
though, It does say "Other devices (especially a GPS/FMS) may trigger other changes based on activating a route...." and "When a route is activated, the GPS system enters 'leg' mode....."

Have also seen forum posts alleging you have to climb to 500' to engage the system??

After clicking "Fly" am on deck at selected airport,
where I select everything prior to TO.

The route manager comes up displaying launch airport, default cruise speed (160) and altitude (10000'). Selecting cruise speed and altitude doesn't appear to do much other than calculate ETA's, and the like; as
neither seems to affect actual flight.

Destination airport and runway should be selected prior to entering way points.
Departure airport has to be highlighted for entering way-points prior to clicking Add. The Route Manager automatically adds pattern way points for destination after activation.

Activating the Route Manager prior to setting up autopilot is necessary, because doing so changes the autopilot from its default menu to one including a GPS/FMS selection, without which Flight Director won't track.

Route displays in magenta on map.

Using autopilot menu, I select GPS/FMS Heading and click Heading Control, in addition to selecting Flight Director Mode.

For cruising altitude on first leg, I enter Altitude hold and click "Pitch/Altitude Hold", so that the autopilot will seek that altitude after launch; and I manually re-enter altitudes for successive way points, as required.

Don't select Velocity Control-plane will hardly move down runway. Whereas, with Altitude Hold selected, throttle will control speed, which is simple using tachometer.

Set altimeter

After take-off and gear up I reduce throttle for a normal climb (about 92% RPM); and shortly thereafter the Flight Director turns the plane to intersect the first leg. Upon reaching cruise altitude, Flight Director levels and maintains altitude; and I retain climb throttle until plane reaches cruise speed-usually 300K , then reduce to about 88% RPM.

Down wind at destination I select the published altitude for turning final.
Also tune ILS on NAV1 and NAV2, and ADF, if there is a marker; then play throttle (usually around 75%) and/or speed brake to reach published altitude and 150K at turn. The T2C will go wide of track and overfly the route manager if speed exceeds 200K at tight turn to final. Should this occur, autopilot will default to last Magnetic Heading, and plane will keep flying in that direction.

Down wind and below 200K drop gear and lower flaps.

With T2C use 150K (about 91% RPM) turning final and 130K in groove.

When ILS bars activate on final, I leave the Flight Director engaged, but change the Pitch/Altitude Control selection to Nav1 Glideslope to engage glide path.

Approaching threshold, when well aligned, I leave Flight Director engaged until landing, but disengage Pitch Altitude Control for manual flare-out.

Unsuccessfully tried using way points with KBIX@5000 type format and without Altitude Hold. Route Manager accepted and displayed altitudes, but Flight Director didn't employ them in flight. If there's a way to make Flight Director automatically employ individual fix altitudes selected in Route Manager, please tell me how, as I haven't gotten them to work, so far.

Thanks and Best Regards :)

Post Script: Got altitudes entered in Route Manager to work. :D They don't work unless altitude of the initial way-point is entered into auto pilot Altitude Hold field, and Pitch /Altitude Control is selected at set-up. (apparently neglected that step on previous attempts). Flight Director automatically updates Altitude Hold for subsequent way-points. Throttle controls speeds without resort to Velocity control options.

Addendum: Having tested many approved FG Hangar planes that lack a custom auto pilot, think the Aeromacchi MB339 excellent for use with the menu driven system. :)
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