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Hurricane cockpit

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Hurricane cockpit

Postby Couchflyer » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:56 pm

I am starting to get to grips with flying the hurricane on FG 2018.
and just have some points to ask about the simulation in the cockpit. The throttle, flaps, gear, prop pitch and rudder trim are evident but
I haven't found the mixture control yet, and don't know what the yellow round dome shaped illuminated switch , just forward of the throttle, is for. I can see that it is active (by control/C ) but what does it do? I can't see anything similar in real plans photos.
Also, where's the parking brake ? Is the simulation active?
There seem to be a number of controls the are active but no label to identify the function, and I am not using the controls fully.
If anyone who pilots the hurricane on FG can enlighten me you will have my thanks.
On take off, the real hurricane needed the rudder trimmed fully to the right, and power to be fed in carefully. Its difficult to keep straight on the takeoff so I wonder how much right trim the rudder should have as opposed to right rudder pedal. I guess it's down to trial and error and error and error.
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Re: Hurricane cockpit

Postby sim » Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:35 am

Haven't flown FG 2018. Although earlier FG version Hurricane's were nice to fly.
Take off and land in fine prop pitch/rich mixture or you'll come a cropper if
you need power.
You can trim elevator and rudder by the book but in FG you can ignore trim
(in real life it relieves the control pressures but using stick and rudder in FG
you won't "feel" those pressures) So keep straight on take off by easing power on
carefully and booting the rudder to counter any swing.
Brakes on both the Hurricane and Spitfire were lousy so don't rely on them just
reduce power, cut engines or steer to oneside of obstacles using brake and rudder! :wink:
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