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OV-10 update  

Postby dilbert » Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:38 am

OV-10 was working, but you had to run the two switches on the left console forward to start engines. Also you had to delete the ponysplash file for the Black Pony to not give an error. Pushing "s" would engage, but not maintain start. Since update, it appears console switches no longer work (and no longer highlight with control "c"); and engines only run while "s" is held down. Maybe it's me, but can't get it to start now. :cry:

Also want to express my opinion that the requirement to update prior to running an aircraft is a bad feature. Also, in the past, as in the case of the f14
and Viggen, I would retain a back-up copy which could be run from my hangar if a malfunctioning update was first uninstalled..Tried
doing same this morning with the OV-10, but for some reason FlightGear wouldn't accept it in installed aircraft (don't know why). So am SOL on the OV-10 for now and somewhat frustrated; also am concerned about having no recourse if encountering defective updates in the future.. :?:

P.S. Got my reserve, pre-update version working: uninstalled add-on hangar version; copied pre-update version to my hangar; then deleted AppData>Roaming> file, after which old version registered o.k.
installed aircraft after restart. Happy days.

Start problem remains with add-on hangar updated version.
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Re: OV-10 update

Postby Thorsten » Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:00 pm

also am concerned about having no recourse if encountering defective updates in the future..

* fix whatever is broken
* make merge request on FGAddon
* enjoy freshly fixed aircraft in the aircraft center
* and enjoy the warm feeling of having done something good for everyone else
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