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--livery doesn't work

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--livery doesn't work

Postby LearningToFly » Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:30 pm

(I thought I ought to file this under "bug report", but the link given (2010) is broken - is this the right place?)

Just for fun, I thought I'd give my c172p some new livery.
Within the sim, yes, they all work - I pick "Select Livery" from the menu, and chose away - instant change. I'd hoped that would be a persistent property, but, alas, it appeared not.
So I thought I'd add --livery to the command line within the GUI - I tried several, I checked the names within the folder structure of the application package (I'm on OSX) - to no avail.
I often launch FG from the command line (mid-air - landing practise), so I added it there, specifically...
Code: Select all
(one that I knew worked)
Nope - same default livery.
I looked at what FG was saying in the console after my command line, in the middle of which is...
Code: Select all
   option:livery = KLM
Using default download dir: Path "/Users/roger/Library/Application Support/FlightGear"
read-allowed path not found:Path "/Users/roger/Library/Application Support/FlightGear/Liveries"
Using TerraSync dir: Path "/Users/roger/Library/Application Support/FlightGear/TerraSync"

Well, that wasn't where I'd expected it to look for liveries, but OK. So I copied the Liveries folder from the application Package into Application Support, and tried again. No error message about the folder not existing now (well, there wouldn't be), but no other error message in its place - no error messages at all.

--livery obviously hasn't gone away, since it's looking for something, but, obviously, not finding it.

Of course, maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe it's a bug...?
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Re: --livery doesn't work

Postby wkitty42 » Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:13 pm

that Liveries folder (and the AI folder) are for future use... the c172p uses Aircraft/c172p/Nasal/liveries.nas to initialize its liveries via the aircraft.livery.init() function... this way liveries are simply placed in the proper directory and they are automatically found... i have no idea if this works with the command line --livery option or not, though...
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